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Support the Theater
There's always something happening at the theater! Support from sponsors, advertisers and friends is critical to Hamilton Theater's ability to offer special programming to the community. Here's how you can help:

Sponsor a film, series, educational program or special event.
Thanks to sponsorship provided by businesses, individuals and organizations, Hamilton Theater is able to offer the community a wide range of programming, much of it free or at reduced cost. Sponsor names are featured at the theater, in area newspapers and in theater publications throughout the year. Beyond that, sponsorship represents a wonderful contribution to the community.

Sponsorship opportunities include:
     Film Series
     Indie Films at 5:30 (full year) - $3,500
     Opera season series - $1,500
     Summer Family Film Festival - $1,200
     Summer Documentary series - $1,000

     Individual Films and Events
     Individual children's film, documentary or opera - $200
     Educational program - $300
     Movie Under the Stars - $500
     An Evening of Silent Film - $500
     Syracuse Int'l Film Festival - $250
     Pay What You Want Night - $250

Theater Screen Advertising
Before every movie, our audiences enjoy an entertaining digital or slide presentation. Set to music and featuring comunity faces and images, the ten-minute show has become a highlight of the Hamilton Theater movie experience.
As an advertiser, your customized image is featured as part of the show - on all 3 screens, up to five times per day, 365 days per year! All for only $75 per month and your first month is free if you are a Hamilton Theater sponsor!
Don't delay! To assure maximum visibility for each sponsor, the number of advertising images per show is strictly limited to 20. We can help you produce your image. It's easy!
Call now at 824-8210 or email us at anytime.

Become a Friend
Contributions from Friends of Hamilton Theater help to sustain independent theater for the community. Friends' names are featured at the theater, or view here. Send your Friends contribution to: Hamilton Theater, P.O. Box 1895, Hamilton, NY 13346

Become a Star! Named Gift Opportunities
Name a theater, put your star in the pavement, dedicate a seat with your name on it! Contact the theater for more information.