Theater Screen Advertising

Why On-Screen Advertising?

What do you get when you advertise with the Hamilton Movie Theater?

In short, lots! Unlike your standard multiplex cinemas, the Hamilton Movie Theater is committed to our community—we believe in supporting local businesses and helping our community thrive. We offer…

  • Discounted rates to Hamilton Business Alliance members;
  • Special perks to businesses that advertise with the theater, including reduced prices on theater rentals;
  • And a captive, engaged audience averaging 50,000 people annually—that’s over 4,000 people monthly!

An easy and affordable way to promote local business!

Contracts are available for 6, 12, or 24 months, at $75 per month. Interested in a full year? The 12th month is free for each year contracted.

Your screen ad will be featured as part of a digital presentation on all 3 of the theater’s screens prior to every regularly scheduled public screening.
The advertiser agrees to provide a camera ready image, or to request the Hamilton Theater to create an image using copy and/or graphics provided by the advertiser. The advertiser is responsible for all production costs.

Don’t delay! To assure maximum visibility for each sponsor, the number of advertising images per show is strictly limited to 20.

Call now at (315) 824-8210 or email us today!